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Pre /Post Care


Not recommended:

• Under 18 Years of age

• Pregnant or nursing.

• Undergoing Chemotherapy/Radiation

• Viral infection, Cold sores and/or diseases.

• Epilepsy.

• Major heart problems.

• Cold / Flu symptoms

• Had Botox/ Lip fillers prior 4 weeks of procedure.

• Used Accutane in the past 6 months.

• Allergies to pigment or anesthetics.

• Psoriasis near area of procedure.

• Organ transplant.

• Eye infection


• A Patch Test is not mandatory but is recommended to test our pigments and topical anesthetic in case of allergic reaction 24 hours prior to procedure.

• If client chooses to do a patch test we ask to confirm so by email, you will be asked to sign a liability waiver.


If you are planning a trip in the sun,  procedures have tone performed at least 30 days before departure day.


  • 24 hours before appointment: DO NOT consume ALCOHOL, COFFEE, any CAFFEINATED beverage

  • 48 hours before appointment, DO NOT take any type of pain medication and blood thinners ( including but not limited to ASPIRIN, ADVIL, MOTRIN, IBUPROFEN, NAPROXEN, NIACIN). Doing so may cause excessive bleeding and push pigment out of skin and may affect your result. ONLY Doctor's prescription are allowed.

  • 1 Week prior appointment: DO NOT take FISH OIL or VITAMIN E since there are natural blood thinners.

  • YOU CAN take 1 -2 TYLENOL 30 minutes prior to your procedure.

  • During menstrual cycle you may be more sensitive to pain and may bleed.

  • Do not tweeze/wax/perform laser or electrolysis at least 1 week before procedure.

  • Avoid tanning/sunburned face/any facial/chemical peel 2 weeks  before procedure.

  • No Botox or Fillers 4 weeks prior and after procedure.

  • Discontinue Vitamin A, Retinol, Retin-A, Glycolic Acids on brow or lips area 2 weeks prior procedure.

  • No eyebrow tinting 2 weeks prior procedure.

  • Discontinue steroids for a minimum of 6 weeks.

  • Must be 1 year after Accutane treatment is completed.

  • Wash your hair the day before, as you CANNOT wet the Brows area for the first 24 hours.

  • CHIMOTHERAPY/RADIATION must be completed for at least 6 months.


  • Same as Brows.

  • Discontinue the use of Lash Serum 8 weeks prior procedure.

  • You must remove Lash Extensions 3 days prior procedure.

  • You have to wait 3-4 weeks after procedure before eyelash extensions can be applied.

  • If you have an Eye Infection we will reschedule your appointment.


  • Same as Brows.

  • If prone to Cold Sores ( simplex virus herpes) , it may trigger the virus following the procedure.  See your Doctor for a prescription of Valtrex, Zovirax or Famvir (anti-viral). Take 1 week prior your procedure and 1 week after to prevent an outbreak.

  • If you have an outbreak of Cold Sores we will have to reschedule.

  • NO Lip Injections 4 weeks prior and after the procedure.

  • Exfoliate the lips 1 week prior procedure to eliminate any dry and flaky skin, keep them moisturized all the time otherwise your lips may not retain as much pigment



  Brows / Eyeliner:


  • For the next 10 days:

  • You will be provided instructions an after care kit to bring home.

  • Avoid getting your eyebrows wet for the next 24 hours.

  • Wash your brows with a gentle soap daily, twice a day (morning and evening) to prevent bacterial build-up, apply after care ointment provided 3-4 times a day for the next 10 days (breakfast, lunch, diner and before bed).

  • Never scrub, rub or pick at scab, which can pull pigment out of skin.

  • Do not apply any makeup, lotion, cream on eyebrows other than ointment provided.

  • Avoid sauna, pool, salt water for 2 weeks.

  • Do not overexert, exercise that contribute to sweating as pores will open and salt in sweat may fade, blur or push pigment out of skin

  • Stay out of direct sunlight and tanning beds for the first 10 days as it can alter the pigment colour.

  • Eyeliner: you may have a bruise and/or swelling that will subsidize within 48-72 hours.

  Lip Blush/Dark Lip Correction:

  • For the next 5 days:

  • You will be provided instructions and ointment to bring home.

  • You can also use Aquaphor, DO NOT use lip gloss or anything else for 10 days.

  • Swelling is to be expected for 24-48 hours, bruising may occur as well, apply a bag of frozen peas with a barrier cloth, you can also prop your head with an extra pillow at night.

  • Avoid spicy meals.

  • Cut your your meat small bite size to avoid your lips to crack.

  • Drink through a straw.

  • Avoid sauna, pool, salt water for 2 weeks.

  • Do not overexert, exercise that contribute to sweating as pores will open and salt in sweat may fade, blur or push pigment out of skin

  • Stay out of direct sunlight and tanning beds for the first 10 days as it can alter the 




  • After 10 days you should always apply SPF cream to extend the life of your Cosmetic Tattoo.


  • Do not use Retinol, Glycolic Acids, Retin-A, AHA ‘s or any anti-aging cream on your tattoo, this will fade the colour of your Cosmetic Tattoo.


  • Do not use laser light therapy  on your Cosmetic Tattoo as it can either darken or lighten or change the colour.


  • Avoid suntanning as it will also fade the pigment faster.



  Brows / Eyeliner / Lip Blush / Dark lip Neutralization:

  *We can not guarantee 100% expected result as everyone heals differently. It also depends on how closely you          follow  the post care instructions.

  *DAY 2 after procedure your brows will look darker and thicker, as days go by the pigment will lighten, DO NOT              PANIC, this is normal, it heals in stages, (Walk away from the mirror)

  * Lip Blush will look very dark right after the procedure, as it heals it will fade 50-70% and look very natural            in approximately 5 days. DON'T PANIC if your lips are a bright red they will heal a pink tone.

  * You may have bruising and swelling involved especially the top lip, this will subside  within 48 hours


  * Eyeliner looks twice as dark and thick as it will be once healed, this is normal.

  * As stated above you may experience bruising and swelling involved, it will subside.


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