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pigment lightening is a solution formulated for cosmetic tattoos on the face and for areas of body art to lighten tattoos

Pink Velvet

Pigment Lightening

Cosmetic Tattoo Removal


We will discuss how procedure is performed. Permanent Makeup (with a machine) is recommended for all skin types.


30 min



I can help you to remove/lighten unwanted and poorly done permanent makeup.

A 100% all-natural solution to lift poorly done permanent makeup or un-wanted small body tattoos pigment/ink from the skin to lighten the tattoo .

I use a safe high content salt and two different fruit seed extracts solution that deems safe and effective in pigment lightening and removal. Orange is extremely effective in lightening unwanted pigment/ink.

Combine with the lemon and with the type and concentration of salt.... you get Lifting.

Lifting out and removing pigment is the only way to bring a tattoo to a level where we can correct or cover it up.

The solution is safe for all areas including the eyeliner. 

The initial treatment will vary in time according to the size and depth of tattoo, additional treatments may be required.

Refer to PRE/POST CARE to see if you are a candidate.

Make sure to read as well FAQ


$250 per session / 2 hours max

A  deposit of $100 is required for booking and will be deducted from the final price

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